Mission Statement


Westbrook’s primary mission is to connect the young child with the beauty and rhythms of nature, bringing joy and vitality to their educational experience. Westbrook provides an alternative to indoor preschool instruction by allowing the freedom to learn through direct experience of the natural world. Through their deepening experience and kinship with nature, enlivened by song, poetry, dance, and storytelling, we guide the child toward resilience, balance, and social growth.

Westbrook’s success reveals a growing awareness of the necessity of authentic relationship with nature through experience and education. Because we seek to support the health and wellbeing of children, their families, and the local community, Westbrook looks to expand educational offerings, to parents, alumni, and the broader local community, through classes and workshops. This will establish Westbrook as a vital component in the growing effort to ensure the fundamental right of everyone to experience the natural world as part of their education. In doing so, we will fulfill our commitment to sustain, heal, and become stewards of the earth.