streamLocated in the northwest corner of Redding, clear, clean northern streams of the Saugatuck River wind their way through Westbrook’s land. With their beauty also comes an abundance of wildlife including crayfish, frogs, toads, and trout as well as great blue herons, turtles, and otters.

Our shallow streams are the perfect place for young children to safely explore and discover the wonders of the river. The children wade in the small stream, balancing on river stones, watching and learning the ways and movements of the crayfish and frogs. Occasionally we spy the great blue heron, patiently waiting for a fish.

A second, larger stream gives the children a chance to see, and sometimes catch and release, small fish using nets and even buckets. During a dry season, children step and crawl over exposed boulders, testing their balance and increasing their agility, while learning respect and appreciation for the river’s complexity. In the soft banks of the streams, we often discover and follow tracks made by visiting raccoons, opossums, rabbits, muskrats, and our very own mink!