Forest Restoration Project

Forest restoration involves all activities, including reforestation, that help return a forest to a healthy state. These include controlling invasive species, maintaining tree diversity, returning forest composition and structure to a more natural state, and pruning or removing underbrush that competes with trees. 

Our forest here, on our school grounds, was hit by the blight of beech tree disease. With this came the devastating but necessary decision to cut down a number of infected trees. In the coming year our kindergarten students will be working alongside teachers, staff, parents and volunteers to restore our grounds. We will be working on cutting down newly infected saplings, using sticks and other natural materials to construct barriers to protect our newly growing oak and pine trees from being eaten, as well as our newly planted Northern Spice Bush, Black Willow and Southern Arrow wood shrubs.  We will be using the Hügelkultur method to restore our forest floor and begin new growth.

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